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Who was the inventor of the apple cider press?

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Yes it is true. Apple cider vinegar has been used for centuries in aiding the liver to detoxify the body and to help with digesting rich, fatty and greasy foods, and for proper metabolizing of proteins, fats and minerals. If the food cannot be broken down into the absorbable form, the body cannot ...

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Is a blow torch an appliance? Bubba

Apple Cider Vinegar - Is Apple Cider Vinegar Unpleasant to Drink?

Apple cider vinegar isn't meant to be drunk by itself. I haven't personally tried it, but I heard from several people it has an offensive taste. That is why today it is possible to purchase it in the form of tablets for people who want to enjoy the medical benefits it has to offer without dealing ...

Use for Atlete's foot-What is the ratio for apple cider vinegar and water

50:50 dilution in water but make sure that's not too strong for your skin Best plan is to make a footbath with the vinegar water mixture in a bowl and soak your feet in it for ten or twenty minutes each day. May take only two or three days - may take a bit longer Very easy and very effective