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My interpretation of Jesus' teachings were to teach us to be kind, thoughtful and good to one another, but he didn't want to be worshipped or exalted - so why do we do it? To me, he was a peaceful ...

SMZ...have you read any history of how these verses you quote were put together?    For instance: John wasn't born until after the Crucifixion.  Paul didn't know Jesus in the flesh, only wrote from his own visions and the tales he had heard.  We have very very few words that Jesus actually spoke.  We have writers who were heavily influenced by Paul.  Just wondering what you think of the history of Christianity....apart from what the New Testament says. Not that the New Testament is wrong, but that it is not necessarily 100% correct...and that it is possible that Jesus, the peasant, who became Christ might not have meant exactly what the writers were trying to get across.   I don't want to argue, I simply want to know if you have been able to place historical fact with the New Testament.  Thanks.

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So the Bible and the scriptures are all just heresay and invention.    Selective interpretation means it becomes all things to all men.   You can justify anything you wish by this means.


it doesn't help that Christianity, like some other faiths, was forced upon people by the point of a sword.     It's happening at the moment in the Muslim world.

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