How to make internet connection fast?

do u know how to make your internet connection fast?my friend download thing is 100+kb/sec but i onli had 55-60kb/sec why?and when i playing full screen muitiplayer game like friend had no problem going in game room.but i had problem of 999ms.anyway to make your computer fast for FREE?

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First of all check if you and your friend have the same bandwidth. Ask your internet provider for it's proxy server. some sites are already loaded on it, causing a faster browse. If this doesn't help, type "speeding up internet" in Google. Read the first 3-5 results, I'm sure you'll be satisfied with what you'll find. Good luck.

by what ur friend download a file?using torrent or download accelerator?

i want to share with can have a faster connection by using UBUNTU...Faster then ever...try it..i download a movie just only in 3,4 hour with ubuntu(using torrent) but when i used Windowxp(torrent) it take about 3,4 day...can u imagine how fast it is?

I think you're just a Dial-up user, there is no other way than just pay for higher internet speed connection. I hope this one help.

No way you can do that for free! Buy an faster internet connection or check if your pc doestnt have all kinds of bullcrap (spyware, trojans, programms that automaticly connect to internet.) if you dont have a firewall search google for sygate firewall if you dont have an antivirus search google for avg free if you dont have anti spyware search for spybot.

That has nothing to do with ubuntu it has to do with the torrent and the amount of people seeding it. When in ubuntu ur probally using an other torrent client. (Ubuntu is more secure tough)

i have bought a pendrive named transcend company.but when i format it,then it doesnt says ''please insert disk''.and it doesnt show the storage also .i think its totally not worked.can u give me the solution to repair or made my pen drive .

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