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That the Freedom of Speech allows everyone to print, shout and protest their individual thoughts and opinions.

Look at the countries throughout the world who do not allow such actions. 

That we can vote out those we have in office and that the president of this country can be criticized by the people and can not put us in prison for it.  That our president is beholding to the oath of office he took to uphold the Constitution and that we "The People" are the absolute last word in this Republic.  The power to vote is a mighty thing.

That we have the opportunity to become whatever we aspire to if we work hard enough and choose the right path.

Our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, the Patriot Papers, the history of our fight for Independence our rise in so few years to a Super Power as opposed to those countries that have been around for thousands of years.

So much is interesting.  The fact we do not need anyones' help when it comes to our food, our gas, our anything.  We have everything in this country.  Mountains, rivers, streams, springs, oceans, deserts you name it.  We don't need the world but most assuredly in the past the world has needed us.  WWII fine example.  Without America where would Europe be and with the Attack on Pearl Harbor and the Japanese vision of world domination where would we be if we had not fought and had the nuke before them.  What we did to them they fully intended to do to us.

We are an amazing country.  That is why people flock to us and not away from us. 

Lady Darko

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It allows The right wing Fox news, hate radio and insane right wing extremists to say or print any lies they choose and spread as much hate as they like.

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