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How to install swanstone drop in kitchen sink?

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Using template that came with sink, cut hole in countertop with sabre saw. Drop sink in and anchor it with clamps that came with it. Connect faucets. Connect drain to sink. Done  Cool

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The simple way to teach this lesson is to let him do the dishes, making sure that at the end of the job, the sink is clean. If he thinks digging garbage from the drain is fun.... who cares. As long as it is gone. Meantime, I'd casually mention that I prefer to do this with the strainer as it's so ...

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In a double bowl sink assembly one side will aid in giving intake air for the drain water to move faster. This goes for both sides. It sounds like you have a clog in the extension tube or trap just under the sink. As a plumbing remodeler I dont use chemicals, ever. The problems are usually grease ...

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Kitchen cabinet planning also entails that the drainage system is made strong and good.Therefore...just try checking back whether everything is ok that way.