Insomnia, troubling thoughts lost sleep

I've been having trouble sleeping, I was wondering if anyone ever had a problem with having thoughts keep you up and how you got passed it into sleep again because I've already got Insomnia and the thoughts keeping me up so isn't helping. 

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Read a textbook. Does it for me every time.

i've tried that didn't work


What doesn't kill us makes us stronger

Getting sleepy reading a good book that you actually like does help. Try meditating before bed. I know a lot of people think it's stupid or silly, but it really is helpful to clearing the mind and body. Try using a sound machine that has peaceful sounds that help you to get at ease and sleep. Make sure you're not texting throughout the night or sleep with the TV on

may try that


What doesn't kill us makes us stronger

Also, the sound of a quiet electric fan running helps.

that helps my friend but that keeps me up....


What doesn't kill us makes us stronger

If you are on medications of any kind, one or more of them could be the culprit.  Have you mentioned this to your doctor?  If not, that would be a good place to start.  Perhaps s/he would be able to correct the problem through prescribing other meds.  Now, if you are not taking any medications, then that isn't the case. Of course.  Some people sip warm milk and eat plain vanilla cookies before sleep and say it works wonders.


What doesn't kill us makes us stronger

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