Injuries to U.S. soldiers

How many United States soldiers have been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001?

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Until December 2006

5,994 American soldiers have been injured in Iraq and 270 in Afghanistan.

As for March 1st there are 23,677 soldiers seriously wounded and 3,168 killed. For more war statistics see


I read an article that talks about the number of soldiers that have died since 2001.  You may find it interesting.  Here's an excerpt from the article:


As the number of American soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan edges past 4,000, it's easy to forget the bigger picture: Hundreds more have been wounded in action since 2001.

While most of those hurt on the battlefield quickly return to their units, at least 2,726 have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, 644 had amputations, 598 had serious burns, and 94 had spinal cord injuries.


First off, when America suffers the loss of any service member in the military it is a national tragedy. As a former US Marine of 7 years that was medically retired in 1995, I must say that while these numbers are in print, are heart wrenching and emotional for many, other numbers are equally important.

Lets take the # of teenagers that are killed each year on American highways. Nationally, that number was just under 5,000 teens ages 16 to 19 in 2004.

Here are some other #'s for you. In 2003, 3,657 KIDS were killed in auto crashes that were 15-20 y/o. In addition, 308,000 were injured in crashes in the same age group. Of the 58,156 fatalities on our highways in 2003, 14% were 15-20 years old. Twenty Five percent of these kids had a BAC of .08 or MORE....

Forty percent of all teen deaths in the U.S. are the result of motor vehicle crashes.

 WOW, In 2003 ALONE, we almost lost more teenagers on American highways than we have lost in a WARZONE over the past 6 years. Why aren't you American's up in arms over this? According to these statistics, I would rather be in Iraq than on a highway in America where it is proven that 109 people die EVERY DAY! That averages out to 2.2 people per state, per day. When will it be your day?

In the theater of Operations in SW Asia, we are averaging 1.8 deaths per day for 6 years compaired to 109 per day on our highways. At the end of 6 years, Deaths in Iraq = 4,000 -v- 24,000 teenagers on our highways. Wounded (Injured) Iraq = 24,000+ -v- American teens on highways 308,000 in 2003 ALONE!!!!!! Yes people, that is THREE HUNDRED EIGHT THOUSAND!!!! times that by 6 years ONE MILLION, EIGHT HUNDRED FOURTY EIGHT THOUSAND teens wounded in SIX years on our highways.

I want to know why these numbers are NOT front page news?????

lets look at other wars.

WWI, was 117,465 deaths that averaged 80.5 people PER DAY!!!!

During WWII, we were losing 287 Americans a DAY (418,500 deaths over 4 years)!!!!

In Vietnam, we lost and average of 8.5 people per day over the 19 years that we had Americans in Vietnam.

Additionally folks, Elements of the US Marine Corps have been forward deployed since the END of WWII. Specifically, the III Marine Expeditionary Force (IIIMEF) were part of General MacArthur's occupation forces (Task Force 31 and 38) and have been in Japan since Aug 1945 (That comes out to 62 YEARS they have been forward deployed). You haven't thought of that have you. What about the boys in Germany, how long have they been forward deployed? Lets face it, our troops are in Iraq to stay for a bit. Who ever pulls our troops out of Iraq, needs to bring the boys home from WWII deployments FIRST. Afterall, they have been deployed longer.

go to, there is a complete database of all deaths and a table of wounded soldiers

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