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What dissolves dead algae in a pool? It is very ...

what dissolves dead algae in a pool? It is very fine and silt like. My water is blue, but very cloudy since I shocked it with Aqua Ammonia, muratic acid and chlorine over the past two weeks. The pool sat untouched for 18 months. My filter is new, but doesn't  seem to catch the really fine stuff.

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Try contacting a pool specialist to see what he/she suggests. Best of luck.

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You need a flocking agent to add to the pool. Buy it at any pool supply store. It is not expensive. Follow directions exactly. In a couple days you will have clear water.

Don't dissolve it,  FLOC it!   That's not a bad word, it means you want to coagulate the fine material into big enough chunks that your pool filter can catch them, instead of simply passing them through. 

Ask the pool store for a "flocculant".  And try not to smirk when you say it.  :-)

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