Informative not offensive ? would you have difficulty proving the united states has been in existence for over 225 years

if you could not use newspapers, written material,

or any entertainment apparatus including photographs.

most are not even admissible in court today.

why: inventions inventors and re-sellers. 

reference any books  i.s.b.n number.

( The ISBN identifies the title or other book-like product (such as an audiobook) to which it is assigned, but also the publisher to be contacted for ordering purposes. If an ISBN is obtained from a company other than the official ISBN Agency, that ISBN will not identify the publisher of the title accurately. This can have implications for doing business in the publishing industry supply chain.) actually  you probably owe the inventor of the language a portion of your revenue for using it. ( example you write a book about finding you soul mate at a bowling alley) bowling alley is a trademark and they have a attorney.) even  excluding trademark patent and copyright treaties:  someone has  to create a product  or service  before there is a ability to communicate in any ones language.

paper, ink ,wood homes, slate roofs???  most won't last naturally for  100 years . is that an authentic document.     

Antiques Roadshow is a real find for sponsors who wish to distribute product samples at live tapings and be associated with PBS's highest-rated primetime show.

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