Information about skin asthma...

What are the symptoms of skin asthma?...What are its causes?...Is it contagious?...What are the things that we need to avoid when we have this kind of illness?..What are its treatment?...Can i see some picture of people who have this kind of skin disease?


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 Skin asthma is also known as  atopic dermatitis  or eczema.  It is a non-contagious, common chronic skin disorder of long duration.  Atopic is another word for allergy like asthma and hay fever.  Dermatitis means skin inflammation.  The main feature of atopic dermatitis is itchy skin usually causing the affected person to scratch which further increases the itchiness. This leads to a vicious cycle of increased itchiness and vigorous scratching, complicating the condition.

    Skin asthma can affect people of all ages though it is not so common in adults.  It is most common in children, affecting about 10% to 20% of them.  Girls are mostly affected than boys.  This disease occurs before the age of 5.

   Causes of Skin asthma  or atopic dermatitis is not known but hereditary and environmental factors are suspected.  Certain agents trigger the onset of the disease.  These include air-borne allergens, environmental factors, emotional stress, hormones, certain foods and chemical irritants.

   Children can enherit a genetic susceptibility to atopic dermatitis from parents having hay fever and asthma.

   Stages of skin asthma or atopic dermatitis are:

1. infant stage- includes up to 2 years of age and typically appears when they are

                   6-12 weeks old.

2. childhood stage range from 2 years to puberty. Due to constant scratching, the skin becomes hard and scaly.

3. Adult stage begins at puberty.  Adults may also develop eczema of the hand and foot.  Those in occupations involving frquent handwashing and exposure to chemicals are more affected.

     The symptoms of skin asthma are:

1.dry, itchy skin and rashes on the face, hands feet, inside the elbows and behind the knees.  Itching is the most important symptom.

     Treatment consists of:

1. healing the skin

2. preventing flares.

   Dermatologists prescribe topical corticosteroids to control inflammation

                                   Tar preparations can lessen inflammation and itching

                                   Ultra violet ( UV) light therapy is recommended in severe


                                   Moisturizers : use petroleum jelly


                                                       Cetaphil cream


                                                       Jergen's Ultra Healing lotion.

These are the irritants and allergens that need to be avoided:

   1. wool and synthetic fibers

    2.  soaps and detergents

     3.  some perfumes and cosmetics

      4.  animal dander and pollens

       5.  dust and sand

        6.  cigarette smoke

         7. some foods like  chicken, eggs, peanuts and chocolate.





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Can skin asthma be treated and how long ?

my baby is 1 yr old and 2 months and its being treated with this skin asthma. i noticed the dryness of her skin on cheeks when she was 6 months old. I thought it was just an ordinary skin problem but then, its already all over her face (cheeks, ears back, around the eyes, nose, forehead, neck and crease of the elbow where the arm bends on the opposite side of the elbow ). So take her to a Derma when she's 1.1 year old.. The dermatologist recommended a COLLODIAL MOISTURIZER, ALNIX (ORAL DROPS) grape flavor, OATMEAL SOAP and COCKTAIL CREAM.. I searched on the internet what is cocktail cream but nothing found it..COCKTAIL IS FOR RED AREAS and COLLOIDAL MOISTURIZER IS FOR DRY AREAS.. COCKTAIL CREAM is very effective but its P420.00 when I bought it from the dermatologists.. I didn't ask yet pharmacies if they have these cream.. Now, my baby is only being treated the dryness of her eyes around it and forehead.The derma also told me not to eat foods like, my baby is still breast feeding so we don't eat chocolate, any family of Citrus, Wheat products if possible, Egg white (its ok the eggyolk), peanuts and the YELLLOW NO> 5 (TARTRAZINE) this is one of the ingredients of food.. but sometimes I eat chocolate when I can't take it anymore..hahaaha! ANYWAY, I apply the oral every morning only. the soap and the 2 cream is every morning and evening. I washed her with the oatmeal soap after that I apply the colloidal first then the cocktail.. but now, the cocktail onlt because she has no red rashes no only dr.. hahaahahahaa toooooooooooo specific!!! lol

Eczema and atopic dermatitis affect millions of people all over the world. In the US alone, about ten percent of infants and three percent of adults suffer from eczema. What causes it? How do allergies play a part? Is there a cure? What are the treatments? This book can help "Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis: The Best Websites" by  Lisa Anne Sanderson.   Lisa Anne Sanderson has compiled the best information the Internet offers. Includes sites about national societies, parents and kids, allergies (milk, nickel, wheat, gluten), and traditional and alternative treatments, as well mailing lists and forums. The guides list names, URL addresses and clear descriptions of the best sites on a topic. They only list the best-designed, most easily navigated and understood sites that offer unique or exclusive information.

There is no such thing as "SKIN ASTHMA".   The terminology is wrong.  This error has especially been growing in the Philippines.  Their Dermatologic Society should do something about this error in patient information.  The proper terms should be SKIN ALLERGY or ATOPIC DERMATITIS or ECZEMA of other similar terms.  ASTHMA is a LUNG condition with hyper-reactive airways.

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