Information about M.K. Lomax the artist

Could someone email me with information about an artist M.K. Lomax.   I have a wintery scene oil painting and with it I have the cancelled check that my mom used to pay for it . I also know that it was purchased at a festival in Jeffersonville Indiana called Steamboat Days in 1976. Please help me with some information .  Thanks

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Her name was Maude Kelley Lomax.  She passed away in the late 80s. She was a person of great faith in God and wanted all of her work to bring glory to him.  She painted a lot of scenes from Bethlehem Valley where she grew up. She prayed for a way to feed her four children and was inspired by the 23rd Psalm to paint the green pastures and the still waters.  She did a great deal of fall scenes as well as paintings of peoples old homeplaces from old photographs (some of them on mirrors).  Maude had heartbreaking tragedy in her life.  A fiance killed in a car crash three weeks before they were to be married, one brother poisoned by his wife, another shot through the heart while riding a motorcycle, she was in a car wreck that took the life of a friend, her first child committed suicide after a battle with cancer, and her grandson was killed in Vietnam. 

Thank you so very much for that information.


I also have a spring scene of hers, and it inspires peace and the magic of Gods wonders, just to look at it.  My mothers maiden name was KELLEY, which I found almost erie.  Where is Bethlehem Valley, what state?

I am M.K Lomax's grandaughter, I grew up watching her paint. She was very special to me and an inspiration.  I also paint many of the beautiful scenes that she painted. She asked me to never stop painting because I was also given the gift from God to paint. If you want to contact me email me at . Thank you for the interest in my grandmother!

My grandmother, Stella "Gus" Muncy knew M K Lomax well. I was told that Lomax rented from my grandma. Grandma loved her paintings and wanted paintings instead of rent money. This was many years ago. I grew up loving and admiring Lomax paintings. I can't count how many of her paintings that I have. The painting that stands out is a huge vase of roses Lomax painted after the death of a son. The roses are dripping blood, as if they are tears. There is a paper on the back that tells the story of the death and her feelings at the time. I would love to find good homes for the paintings I have. I am the last generation in my family that loves Lomax paintings.

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