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Where to find info about paved roads - Alaska

Where can I get information about paved roads from Calgary, Canada through Alaska for a motorcycle trip.

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Sounds like an awesome road trip and I'd venture to guess you'll definitely find paved roads on the entire route, especially if you stick to the main highways.  I went on a California Coastal Road Trip years ago but yours is over 2000 miles long & would be the longest motorcycle road trip on our site so I hope you'll share the adventure with our Tripwiser Community.

For the preliminary checking, I'd start with Google Maps  because in the directions, you can specify "By Car", "Walking", "Public Transport" so I'd think a "By Car" choice would have to follow paved roads. Then check out Mapquest  & click the option, "avoid seasonally closed roads" & compare the two routes.  Seasonal roads tend to be maintained less than highways.

Also check out this blog detailing a motorcycle road trip once you've hit Alaska.  You might also want to check out this motorcycle page as there are trips specifically mentioning motorcycles. There's also the Road Trip America site that has a section on motorcycles.

Be sure to build your itinerary at Tripwiser because you can add lodging, attractions and restaurants along the route and can get detailed directions from each day-break to night-stop.  I'm looking forward to seeing your trip!



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