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Info on old golf clubs

 Ive got a coulpe of old golf clubs, just trying to find out if theyre worth anything. One looks to be a putter (not a golfer) and it has Streamline and the initials CGS and the word "Mashic" stamped in the bottom. The other one (driver or wood?) appears to be one piece wooden construction with a brass plate on the bottom and a small piece of lead embedded in the back. If anybody has any info about them or possibly know of anyone who might, Thanks 

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Used clubs are a dime a dozen

I'm a golf nut and I collect all types of clubs. However, what you are describing, to the vey best of my knowledge are not valuable. But since I collect clubs, if you can send me pictures over the internet, I may be able to better tell you their worth and I may make you an offer.  If you can't, then I'll offer you $2.00 per club and shipping costs. My email is trrose@bellsouth.net   I have a extremely valuable collection that I will be selling in the very near future.           Have a Happy & Safe New Year!            'TR' Rose II

The vast majority of clubs are worth very little. The only clubs worth anything are clubs that belonged personally to a well known golfer and can be documented for provenance. Clubs that were used in major tournament play, again with provenance. Some clubs with wood shafts are valuable.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

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