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Who was head of the texas bandidos mc in august 1978

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I'm very sorry, but I have been unable to find any history on the Texas Banditos MC. It doesn't seem to be information that is easy to come across, which to be honest, doesn't surprise me. Hope that you are able to find it. Again, sorry that I couldn't help.

Thank you for trying talico, I have been trying to get info on Johnny Lightsey he was shot and killed in Ft.worth in Aug. of 1978 and was I  believe head of the bandidos but I have been hard pressed to find  anything. Thank you again

Ronnie Hodge aka "Stepmother"

Thank-you  RN1974, it has been so hard to find any info. I just want to learn about Johnney Lightsey and I really keep running into walls. Thank-you again

What do you want to know about Lightsey? Possible I know a guy that knows a guy that robbed a guy one timewho might know a small bit about him.No club info as I dont know you.RN1974

I had an uncle that was in Fort Worth Bandidos in the 70s.  He isn't alive anymore.  His nickname was Deadeye and he was from Fort Worth.  Anyone know him?  We were so impressed how all of the Bandidos came out for his funeral.  Very tight organization in the 70s-80s, don't know much about it now.

Ronnie Hodge was El Presidente of the Bandidos MC in 1978. Johnny Ray Lightsey "Big John" was the president of the Ft. Worth chapter at the time. The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram did a feature story on "Big John" and the chapter just before his demise.

He was killed by a Ghost Rider club member at the intersection of Henderson St and West Lancaster setting at a red light on his motorcycle.

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