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How to disable on time payment protection system in your car?

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It is AGAINST THE LA W for anyone to tamper with or disable an On-Time device. I recommend that you do not attempt this!

Very very simple

1.  Locate device

2.  Wrap it with a "Faraday Cage" (electromagnetic interference).

Just Google faraday cage or emi or electromagnetic interference.  Or if you have one of those black bags that electronics, circuit boards, etc come in..  That is a Faraday Cage.  You can buy them at any decent computer supply store (Fry's Electronics for example)

The ON TIME ® Payment Protection Device cannot possibly receive/send a signal in all places (parking garages, tunnels, etc.) and therefore defeating it is nearly impossible to prove.  Also, by placing a Faraday Cage over the device, you are not doing anything more than putting a bag over it.  Until they change the laws to make this practice illegal, it is not "tampering" with the device.  It's just a handy place to store your Faraday Cage. :-)

Actually that is considered "tampering" you are stopping the device from operating properly. Bottom line it is considered stealing, if you are driving the vehicle when it is suppose to be shut off because your to lazy or cheap to pay the bill. Then you are breaking the law and your contract. Not sure if you are aware or not but the cost for the boxes and installation are over $600 minimum which in are state is considered a felony. So if you are as stupid as you sound and where on one of my contracts and I was to found out I would be having my lawyer charging you with any and everything that I could. So this might be something for everyone to think of when they are messing with these boxes they should read there paper work. Plus you might be able to avoid paying it but you wont avoid repo, and I can tell you are one of those smart guys that think that when it get repoed you think that you dont have to pay for it well guess what. You now only have to pay for it still you have to pay lawyer cost and any other cost. So I guess you can maybe fool them for alittle bit but bottom line is there is a reason whey you have a car with a box on it. You are not trust worthy enough to have it any other way. But all you are doing is messing it up for people who really do want to better there credit or start over.

I hate to tell everyone but OnTime doesnt have a gps so dont worry about anyone finding you. Dummy. The Ontime works by recieving codes which give you a certain amount of time to drive. When that time runs out, and you havent entered another code, it times out and disables the starter. There is no gps involved. Also OnTime is a flaming piece of dog s**t. To the guy who said its worth $600 youre dumb. Ontimes cost around 200 (worth nothing though) plus the install. I truly feel sorry for anyone you've sold this worthless piece of crap to. Give me your customer list and Ill show them a real payment device. OK also a faraday cage will do nothing but prevent your car from starting, and make you feel like an idiot. Heres a tip, instead of disabling the unit, try making your f**king payments on time, then your next car wont have to get one.

Oh boy...  Seems some people are about as stupid as they get.

REGARDLESS of whether there is a GPS system or not..  It makes absolutely no difference..

THE WAY to stop ANY device from SENDING OR RECEIVING a SIGNAL is completely rendered useless w/ an EMI Shield (Faraday Cage).

The Morons at Sekurus On Time cannot interfere AT ALL w/ the device once it is shielded from sending or receiving a signal.

OnStar, XM Radio, Sirius Radio, AM Radio, FM Radio, Cellphones, etc, etc, etc...  are all useless and 100% blocked from sending or receiving any kind of signal at all once there is an EMI shield placed around it and/or its antenna.


Try it with your cellphone or radio.

And for the idiots who say it's illegal to tamper with the device...   Yes I've read it is illegal, HOWEVER..  Putting a bag over it would make it so that they cannot tell where the vehicle is and therefore could not distinguish whether or not it has been tampered with...  and the EMI Shield can be removed in seconds...  AND..  it's just a bag!!  It doesn't do a single thing to the surface, internals or anything.  You could easily argue over what is "tampering".

I think that these payment devices are freaking pathetic,If  some body is late on payment by 4 days ,it makes no sense to shut off vehicle so that person can now not go to work wich makes impossible to make payment up. These devices are used by the biggest piece of crap dealers anywhere"Scumbag Leaches that want your car back first chance they get so they can resale it way over priced again".madman sounds just like one of those scumbags.There is plenty of dealers who you can get vehicle without device even, with bad credit.If I get felony over vehicle it wont be for tampering,it will be for kicking crap out of repo man.If you know there coming and vehicle wont start,then put vehicle on blocks on your property.Let's see them get a crane and flat bed to repo.not illegal to do any kind of mechanical work on vehicle,like removing wheels and rotors,etc.people are not lazy or cheap because they are late on payment most of time.Economy sucks and so does car dealerships who use this device.

Umm.... wise up. On time does have GPS, several different models actually.

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