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Inflamed, red itchy toes

Often the 4 smaller toes on both my feet get inflamed, swollen,red and itchy and it usually lasts for a couple of days - Any idea what is causing this? I've tried prescription hydrocortisone & Aloe Vera with little results - I've never had this problem before a month ago and now it comes often. I would appreciate any suggestions.  Gail

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Is the skin between your toes peeling and inflammed? What about athlete's foot? I would go to a foot doctor.

Is the skin between your toes peeling and inflammed? What about athlete's foot? I would go to a foot doctor.

Is the skin between your toes peeling and inflammed? What about athlete's foot? I would go to a foot doctor.

When I was younger this happened to my feet and my hands and then it started in my head and I had to keep benadril with me at all times because I can die.I started smoking to stop mine, but I do not recamend that to you. My Doctor at that time called it a nervus alergy. If they turn blue get to the Hospital because you are having a heart attack.

I have a similar condition every winter.  Whenever I mention it to anyone the first thing they think of is athlete's foot - as if that wasn't the first thing I would think of too.  It isn't between the toes, it is the ends of the toes; hot, red and swollen, itching when they sweat, with a deep soreness when pressed. Powders and creams only increase the irritation.  I have gotten some relief by washing my toes with rubbing alcohol a couple of times a day, leading me to suspect it is an organism of some kind.  Where it was swollen and painful, the skin has become hard and dry like a callus, and has begun peeling away.  I hand wash my socks with non-detergent soap and keep my feet out of shoes and socks as much as I can.  Good luck with this.  It is a real nuisance.

Ken, I have this EXACT problem. Started a few weeks back. First thought that it was my shoes rubbing, but haven't changed footwear or activity. Other symptoms are IDENTICAL to yours. I'm off to the doctor on Monday, so we'll see what he thinks. It is almost unbearable at times.

its never happen to me before maybe its just an allergy or maybe you dont change your sock thats why you got that thing on your foot

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CHILBLAINS!  I first posted here last year on this, and have finally found my solution.  I originally had some sort of bacterial infection which caused the tops of my toes to itch fiercely when they perspired, so I tried to keep my feet cool, and this caused chilblains, a purely physiological problem caused by the blood vessels' inability to compensate for changes from cold to hot.  I relieved the original problem by repeated applications of rubbing alcohol, but the swollen painful toe-tips remained, so I started looking for something that was caused only by temperature.  As soon as I saw the photo attached to the wikipedia entry on chilblains I knew that was it.

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