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infiniti engines Why after 35,000 miles do i need a new engine. Infiniti will not tell me whats wrong all they say is you need a new engine. It burns alot of oil. I have spoken to Infiniti corporate ...

While unable to tell you exactly why without having the opportunity to check the engine myself, I'd have to guess that the engine you have is majorly flawed and rather than admit this, they just give you the run around and tell you that you need a new engine. You stated you already changed the rings and had the heads done, that should have taken care of the problem.  They, Infiniti, obviously aren't going to tell you anything, but maybe if you have a TV channel with an "investigative reporter" in your area, they will talk to him/her. Small consolation I'm sure, but maybe you can get them to spring for a new engine instead of having to pay for it yourself. Would definitely let them know you will not be purchasing any of thier vehicles in the future and that you will tell all your friends, relatives and aquaintances to avoid them also. Hit them were it hurts, sales numbers. Wish I could be more helpful.

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