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Are infants allowed in any of the pools on crusie ships?

Are infants allowed in any of the pools on crusie ships? 

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I believe they are but the best way to know is to ask a representative of the company beforehand.

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the majority of ships i have sailed on allowed children/infants in the pools.  the problem is everybody trying to squeeze into that small area and cool off in the water. Many of them have no regard for you or the safety of your baby.  You are expected to dress the baby to protect against any "deposits" being left in the pool.  please make sure you have plenty of sunscreen, especially for the baby.  Sun poisoning is painful.   have a great trip.........



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Infants are allowed provided that they are accompanied by an adult. It ensures their safety, knowing that they don't know how to swim yet at that age. Just like sleeping at night, infants need the care of their mother in order to help sleep peacefully, by providing baby sleeping bags and singing them a lullaby. So when in a cruise ship, it's very important to accompany the baby at all times so that unnecessary incidents may be avoided.

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