Increasing the level of blood platelets

Does anyone know of a medical treatment to increase a low level of blood platelets?

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There is nothing much to do about it, it's the bone marrow that counts in that case.

"The choice of treatment depends upon the severity of the platelet count, its cause and whether or not there is any bleeding.  If life-threatening bleeding occurs, eg to the head or bowel, urgent treatment is needed with platelet concentrates via blood transfusion.  ...  If there is no major bleeding, treatment is aimed at the cause of the low platelet count."  Potential treatments include antbiotics and the use of blood components to replace clotting factors and platelets.  (

Thrombocytopenia (reduced platelet count))
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What is the normal blood platlet level for humans

I have been trying to find out also.  I was wondering if coumadin would effect the platelets sense im on the medicine?

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