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Inbound and outbound links in online marketing

What are inbound links and outbound links and how do they help with marketing products online? Where do you put those links?

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The quality, as well as the amount of your inbound links is vital criteria utilized by search engines to rank your pages. Inbound links are links placed on other sites to direct traffic back to your own site, and there are numerous ways to obtain inbound links. One way to obtain inbound links is to exchange links with other similar websites. Contributing to forums and blogs is another way to get inbound links, and you can also request that visitors to your website link to your site. Submitting your website for reviews and offering free web hosting space in exchange for links is another opportunity to get inbound links.
Outbound links are also important, and while some people worry about adding external links to their websites, if done properly, outbound links can offer a boost on the search engine results page. When placing outbound links, only place links that will send visitors to reputable, authoritative sites. Be choosy when placing outbound links, and be positive that none of the links you place are broken.
Inbound, as well as outbound links should be a part of your linking campaign. It doesn't make sense to have one without the other. Both of these are somewhat of a life- line that can either make or break your site on the SERP. It would be worthwhile to try and get as many inbound links as you can, not only on a variety of websites, but also on numerous different networks.
The SERP, or search engine results page, is a complete listing of the web pages returned by search engines in response to a keyword query. The results on the SERP generally include such details as a list of web pages with their titles, a link to that particular webpage, and also a brief description showing where the keywords have matched content within the webpage. The search engines construct the SERP once and it is then saved for future inquiries. Search engines do crawl the web periodically to account for new pages, and then the SERP is rebuilt.
Recently, the SERP has begun to offer users of the search engines new and improved features that include suggestions for alternate keywords, images, definitions, local matches and even files on the users very own computer.
Without the aid of inbound and outbound links, your website will not have favorable results on the search engine results page. It is a known fact that only 7% of all websites are even visible to the search engines. This means that 93% of the websites in existence are not optimized correctly, and are losing out on the SERP. Utilize those inbound and outbound links, and be a part of the 7%.

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In basic terms when someone posts your sites url on their website or blog or you leave your url in an open directory, article, etc.. this creates an inbound link to your site in which people may choose to click on to go to your website. This is a way to build up your page rank on Google. This is important, one for the traffic, and two to move your site closer to the first page on a search.

Out bound links are essentially when you post a link on your site to another site, this is considered an outbound link.

In an online business it is necessary to build up inbound links to your site to raise your sites importance to the search engines an to help generate traffic to your site. If you do not do this in concert with other marketing tactics your site can be lost in obscurity, it will never really be noticed by the public at large an not generate any income.

Outbound links from what I've been told was not a good thing for your site but now it seems to have changed to the opposite, why I don't know that's just what I learned from someone who knows all about this kind of thing. I have outbound links on my site to resources for people who may want to know certain information. I also am constantly building up my inbound links to boost my sites importance on the web, it will continue for as long as i own the site.

That's it in a nutshell. hope this answers your question.

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inbound links are links to your site form other site or from external/3rd party sites. outbound links are links that are going out form your site to external sites.

in search engine marketing or when it comes to search engine ranking, more inbound backlinks you have, better your site ranks on search engines so when you launch a site, your objective will be to generate as many inbound backlinks as pissible so that your site gets higher ranking on search engines. higher the ranking is, better the traffic will flow and more sales/revenue ytou will generate

In today's Google PR competition everyone are completely focusing in getting inbound links to their sites. While you are focusing on getting more sites to link to yours, you must not also forget about the polar opposites.   If you have outbound links to the site it is like voting for the site you are linking.

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The relevance and quality of inbound and outbound links are important factors in determining site authority. Furthermore, inbound links, which are better called backlinks, are considered more useful and important in the entire link exchange plan.

It is considered very important for your website to make each page an authority page. This can be achieved if you build inbound links or backlinks to each one. To generate quality backlinks, your first aim is to ensure that some percent of your backlinks point to your home page.

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Google algorithm has changed dramatically this first week of March so the benefits of inbound links is now questionable. Google want more quality content and based its authority on visitors reaction on content. Page views, bounce rate and time on site is now more important.

What the business needs now is outbound telemarketing. They are fast and the opportunities is so big. It do not need to wait for 2 or 3 months.

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Outbound links are the links that you include on your home page that link to external websites that you want to give credit to but help you also as your site will be liked from google if they see that you link out to authoritative websites from your website. Beware to place high quality website links there in your niche.


Inbound links are the links that external websites have that point back to your website. For you this is great and the more inbound links you have the better it is, as long as these are from relative and authoritative sites in your niche. Also make sure that when you will be manually creating backlinks and you will be able to control your anchor text (the text that will be hyperlinked), always have the main keyword phrase you are targeting and for which you want to rank high on the search engines. Cool


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