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How to Imrpove Vigina Color

My viginal color has turned very dark. I am newly marrdied and I feel so bad when I am with my hubby. I used to clean pubic hair with hair removing cremes and I think that actally has caused the trouble. Now I wax but I really want my vigina to look fresh and fair. Please suggest me easy home remedy.

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The best thing to do is ask your OBGYN or go to a free clinic and ask there. The color could be bacteria or an infection or rash of some sort. Sitting in a warm vinegar and water solution may help, however it will burn if you are sensitive down there and it will also throw off the PH of your vagina so you may end up with a yeast infection or excess discharge. All the things that bleach nautrally burn when they make contact with mucus membranes. Try palmers coco butter for scars they have one for strech marks and also a coco butter syrum. You can use thoes to lighten dark patches. You shouold also see a therapist if that makes you feel bad when you are with your husband. There is no reson why discoloration in the pubic area should make you feel bad unless it's spots from advanced HIV or a sign of an STD that your husband does not have. You should also talk to your husband about it. Maybe he will tell you it does not bother him and you will stop feeling bad. Ask your doctor and see a therapist.

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