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The new "pager" is exactly what I was talking about. :)

 Regearding the value of the person who posted the question: I agree that the fact that someone asked a question doesn't guarantee that his opinion regarding what is the best answer is always the right opinion (esp. on Yedda, in which a lot of the questions posted are matters of opinion, not fact). In that aspect, maybe there isn't much sense in allowing the person who posted a question to determine completely on his own what's the best answer.

But, there's room for an alternative.  Maybe, when I check answers to questions I've posted, I'll have before me, besides the thumb-up and thumbs-down icons, another icon titled "asker's choice" or something of that sort. I would be able to change the "on/off" states of that icon in a similar way to that of the thumbs icons. Another variation would be an indication whether a thumbs-up credit given to a certain question was by the user who posted it. These suggestions should not interfere with the regular thumbs-up ranking of the answers, but add more information regarding what the user who posted the question was really looking for.

Moreover, such an indication would allow the user who posted the answer that helped the asking user the most the satisfaction of knowing he did good. The current system gives me only the opinion of the community, but not of the individual person who asked the question.
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