How do you immigrate to the USA permanently as a ...

How do you immigrate to the USA permanently as a domestic helper in a home?

A friend of mine who has health problems needs some one to help her home.

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Hi there,

You will be needing a work visa from an employer in the US.

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Immigration to Canada stimulates the country's growth, prosperity and cultural diversity. While Canada benefits from the talents, experience and energy of immigrants, whether they are skilled workers, business people, foreign students, temporary workers or others.

The Canadian Government's new immigration plan is to emphasize the admission of a greater number of skilled immigrants with abilities to contribute directly to Canada's economic and social development.

Wouldn't you just love to live in a dynamic country that's the choice for many of the world's immigrants because of its stability, prosperity and respect for diversity? is a good source of information on the kind of lifestyle in Canada.

Ask your friend to sponsor you for work visa or Labor certification is a type of work authorization which allows an employer to hire a non-US worker for a specific job. Labor certification can be permanent or an on a temporary long-term basis. In most cases, employers are the ones who apply for labor certification on behalf of foreign workers and they generally do so because they cannot find minimally qualified US workers willing to do the job at the standard rate. In fact, in order to secure labor certification, employers are required by law to prove that they cannot find US employees willing to take on the job.

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It depends on what type of visa your sponsor have. If your sponsor holds B, E, F, H, I, J, L, or TN status, can sponsor for you as Domestic attendant or household. Most domestic servants has to hold a B1 Visa.

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