Immigrants & Illegals get more Money & Benefits than US citizens!

Why does the USA (America) give more money and benefits to Immigrants and Illegals than the citizens of the USA??  I have seen and also read where immigrnats over the age of 65 who come to the USA get more money than a citizen who has worked all their life here and paid into the system would ever get! Immigrants get more than the maximum equal to our social security retirement than the citizen of the USA. (I have read they get apx. $2400 or more a month)!!!!  They also get better benefits in the way of health and dental than we citizens would ever see.  They not only get more than the max of our social security, but get $500 or more extra and all from our government!!!  They get free schooling even at the college level and other entitlements that we US citizens would never get. Also the illegals get free health, dental and free money!!!! All on our government! Why does our government give more to immigrants and illegals than to the citizens of the United States??? Our government does not care about it's citizens at all!!!!

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I cant answer this question. The only thing I can figure is this must be a part of the deal with N.A.F.T.A.[ha ha] I'M not usually a conspiracy theorist, but I can not figure out how health care trumped border security? All these states that are crying for money have a significant immigration problem, but that wasn't important during the election? These illegals have caused far to many problems to continue to be ignored. Its time for a tea party.

Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. - Ronald Reagan (1986)

it not fair to us everything we get we have to work for the pepole that are citizen here can't get anything. they need to send all them back to where they came from. that why we don't have any jobs,the school system is mess up health care and it not fair to the citizen here. they need to make them pay for everything they get from health care school if we were over in they country will they do the thing that the US do for them for us    

I totally agree with your concerns.  My mother was receiving $700.00  per month from social security.  She lived with me and I paid the rent. She would pay utilities and food expenses. If she did not live with me, where would she have gone? Probably to a run down, under staffed, and filthy nursing home.  We lived very close to the SS office.  We would go in for more assistance, but always got turned down.  My mother worked very hard all her life since age 14.  Most of the other people waiting to see a counselor were immigrants, most of them did not speak english.  These people were treated with the highest regard, while my mother would wait and wait for an appointment and then be brushed off.  I would see the immigrants come out of the counselor's office like they were old friends, smiling, laughing and thanking her for all the  time she spent with them and the great outcome of the meeting.  One time, my mother waited, being the only person left and the secretary would come out and say, sorry, they cannot see anyone else today. We were furious.  Someone did come out and asked her a couple of questions and  asked for documents that she needed to bring back on another day. Not one time did I see anyone else bring any papers to the office.  I am totally sick of how the government has cast aside American Citizens, especially the elderly, and do everything possible to help the immigrants.  I am not against anyone from other countries coming here and try to make a better living for themselves.  My grandparents came here from Italy and worked hard everyday to take care of their families.  And they learned ENGLISH and became proud American ciitizens. Most of the people who enter this country, really think they have the right to be taken care of by all the free services and free cash. The best thing I've seen is the T.V. in the waiting rooms, all turned to Spanish speaking programs and all reading material in spanish. Sometimes I wonder what country I live in.

This just shows how ignorant you are in regards to illegal immigrants. First of all, without a social security number you cannot get social security so people  you say are immigrants in the social security office getting money is no way possible. Illegal immigrants have no rights to public help like food stamps nor cash aid. They have to pay for their own health care because they are also not entitled to Medical or Medicare services. If anything the American population should be grateful there are illegal immigrants in this country to pick the crops from the fields, I want to see a US Citizen work under the hot sun for hours on end for less than the minimum wage. They wouldn't even consider it. What the government needs to do is give the hard working immigrants work permits to work legally in this state and start paying taxes which is what this country needs to get out of this economic depression even faster.

I can't answer why they get more, but I encourage people to talk to their congressionals.  In the state I live in congressionals help out the illegals by contacting agencies on their behalf.  I was told they are potential "voters" in the future.  They will remember who helped them in the future.  Bug the crap out of your congressionals on issues.  They are the ones who makes the laws that the agency of Homeland Security (Immigration) and other agencies follow.  It all boils down to the congressionals.

I think this is 100% TRUE and it is a Conspiracy to build a race of illegals for their votes to secure spots in office year in and year out, regardless on stepping on Tax payers rights and legal rights of us legal citizens!  I think our government is the most wortless, spinless, aragont organazition of all time!  It does not pay to be "LEGAL" in American anymore- you are charged and billed a 1000% more!



Anyone who thinks this illegal invasion is 'okay' should just open their home up and take these hard workin' folks on in.  Let them with their yuppie guilt complex drive and make the cerveza runs for every night's fiesta (let's celebrate Chato had another baby, more money from the idiot United States, ole!).  Better trade in the hybrid for a big pickup truck so you can carry your new amigos around, they're such great people!  You can pay for their irresponsible breeding (show me an illegal female not knocked up by 17, and I'll show you a true miracle of the species).  You can pay for the health care (baby pedro has a sniffle, time to go to the ER and get top priority), schooling (no speaka engles, only pictures por favor), and you can clean the gangbanger graffiti off the side of your suburban home every other day.  Just don't expect the rest of us to do the same. 

At the moment i am so pissed off i am pregnate and the only person working in my house hold. i am going crazy stressing out about how am i going to feed my child. the baby daddy is with me but he just one month ago got unemployed and unemployment will no longer give him any money because he was unemployed before. it's bullshit that we applied for "SNAP" and they told me i didnt qualify because i earned too much.. BULLSHIT!!! I HAVE ONLY 25 hours a week and i didnt qualify for food stamps I'm bout ready to go into a office again and start a fight cuz i think as a citizen i should have more rights to that specially if i work and some women i know just come from mexico to take advantage of the goverments stupidity.

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