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I s imipenem along with invanz a good antibiotic ..

Is imipenem along with invanz a good antibiotic treatment for pseudomaona aeuriginosa

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When to stop taking antibioics?

You stop taking them when the doctors say too...There may be a latent infection going on.Have you seen the surgeon who performed the surgery? There may be some trouble there with a stitch problem or something else...go back to him and demand and answer as to WHY you still have a fever after all ...


I do not think this is the case. What is happening with antibiotics is that people are over-using them and therefore the bacteria or pathogen is developing resistance making the antibiotics useless. This may be the reason why they are focusing on different types of medication.

How old is Cipro

I was pretty sure it was 19 years but I couldn't find the answer anywhere. Thank you very much. You have been most helpful.

When putting vet prescribed antibiotics in a dogs ...

I don't actually think there is a way to do this without the dog running away. You could try to distract the dog with a treat or chew bone but I think putting any type of liquid in an animal's ear will make it squirm.