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I think i messed up.

CryFrowni think i messed up.

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Aol messed up..

If AOL is Not Responding, try to exit from AOL. You may want to restart Windows. It may also be helpful to turn off your modem and router for 10 seconds, and start them again.

Don't you think Obama should apologize for his biggots?

This will happen around the same time that McCain says he is sorry for calling Obama a terrorist.

 What's the name of the new tv series Debra Messing stars in?

Are you thinking of "The Starter Wife" (which premiered in May 2007 on the USA Network)? In this mini-series, Debra Messing's co-stars include Joe Mantegna, Judy Davis, and Anika Noni Rose. ( IMDb )

Is the repulican party in such a mess that an entertainer like limbaugh

so just like i predicted you people will not give obama credit when his economic plan works. you must be scared it will cause you and your kind are allready making excuses. in your world he will only be blamed if it faails which it wont. i wouldnt expect anything else from a conservative