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How to illegaly lower your electric bills?

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There is no way to illegally lower utility bills. Your electricity supply passes through a single conduit to reach your home that is monitored by your electricity company. There are however, several legal and easy ways to lower your electricity bills, such as installing a programmable thermostat, replacing your air conditioner's filter regularly, and keeping your home thoroughly insulated against the heat and cold.

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What does kwh mean when referring to electric power

Killo means 1000, Watthours means watts in an hour, so it actually measures how many times you use 1000 watts in 1 hour. So, if you have 10, 100 watt bulbs and you burned them for 1 hour that would be 1 kwh which an average cost would be around .12 to .15 cents.

How much electricity does a nite lite use a month in dollars?

If you mean a small one in the house, then the cost is negligible. JayR

Good electrical repair services

Yeah there are loads but for good tip and advice visit tradecertificates

What is the difference on electric bill: kilowatt-hour vs kilowatt?

Kilowatt is the rate of power consumption. kilowatt x hrs is the accumulated power or the total energy consumed. Kw = Power Kwh = energy