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Are we better off now than three years ago? If we allowed Democrats to preach at us, we might begin to think so, but as we soberly review the facts we find that America has never been in worse ...

Obama has betrayed us in no uncertain terms.  So have his frenzied followers.  That is why there is hate in America -- because Obama instilled racism as part of his racist indoctrination he got in Indonesia.

Those who listened to Obama's excuses and wild eyed hysteria are the simplest minded of all fanatical bigots.  Are you better off now?

Not a prayer.

Lois Lerner, head of the Internal Revenue Service’s tax-exempt organizations office, said at a hearing into the IRS's targeting of conservative groups on Wednesday, May 22 that she has done nothing wrong but declined to answer lawmakers' questions, invoked her constitutional right against self-incrimination. (Video: AP) So it always has been with the Democrat political machine.
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Rocmike started off it's marathon posting day with Bill who posted 7 out of 8 hours. The hour missed was filled by American Patriot who posted a bunch of questions. Without stopping Rocmike followed that with Top Renner who posted 3 straight hours. Again with out stopping Rocmike followed that with Rick Barnett with 2 straight hours. As usual some anonymous posts were thrown in. That is 13 non stop hours of posting and 55 out of 83 hours of posting in the last 4 days. This moron needs help and a life.

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