If we ignore the deluge of political ads can American force bilionaires to lose all their political money?

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That deluge of political ads for Obama are definitely nauseating, the way they were four years ago.  They were nauseating then and they are still nauseating now.

Romney, on the other hand, makes sense, is very exciting, and has a plan that is practical.

So yes, listen to the sensible talk of Romney and ignore that racist doubletalk you hear from sicko Democrats.

Sicko billionarires like George Soros are always going to be criminals so there is no way to clean up the Democrats.  The best move is to boot them out completely.

That way we can restore sense and decency to America is to completely avoid that Democrat corruption and bitterness that they alone exploit.

Wild women don't get the blues. Once you have tasted freedom, there is nothing sweeter. Get in between a Kodiak mother bear and her cub, or between an Alaskan and her freedom, and you will have the same problem.

George Soros is the worst criminal in America.  That is why he supports Obama.  Talk about the corrupt land baron buying nthe election for the town drunk.

Soros controls America by manipulating his marionette Obama.

Four yerar ago, Obama squandered nearly a billion dollars he borrowed from corrupt foreign corporations to bombard us with subliminal ads that reeked of racism and mindless hate.

So, nothing has improved: Obama is borrowing from the same corrupt billionaire corporations again and will repay them with our tax dollars, while you go unemployed, harassed, and hated.

Democrats have all been programmed for mindless hate.  It is all that disloyal Democrats can possibly understand.  They have seen what Democrat party racism does.  And they won't get fooled again.

Obama's program is not working. That is why you aren't, either, or soon won't be.

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