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What to put on icy steps. I heard dawn detergent soap & warm water, but is that too late after it is frozen?

what to put on icy steps. I heard dawn detergent soap & warm water, but is that too late after it is frozen?Frown

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If you have ice build up on your steps you certainly do not want to add water to the mix. And Dawn detergent?! Don't you know soap of any kind is slippery? Soap and water on ice, now that's an accident waiting to happen. Dawn breaks down grease, not ice. The best remedy for ice in any area is rock salt, it will melt the ice, and then a layer of cheap cat litter will prevent it from becoming slippery even if it refreezes later.

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I did research on the internet & alot of people are saying dawn & water. My town isn't used to ice & snow & there is NO rock salt or de-icer to be found. I tryed the cat litter & OMG what a mess that is everywhere you walk.

It rarely snows where I live, but Lowe's and HD sell de-icer;

Google this- melting snow chemical home .There are many sites and I am sure that someone will send you a big sack. Here is one site- www.meltsnow.com.

I think that chlorides of cacium or magnesium are more effective than rock salt. They may be prohibitively expensive. I just do know.

And I agree with Annette- no soap.


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Hi, I appreciate the try, but Lowes, Ace, Home Depot, etc. are out in my town because it rarely snow here either.

I think before we proceed any further on the subject of whether or not to pour water and dish detergent on icy steps or sidewalks, we need to clairify whether you are talking about liquid dawn or dry dawn. If dawn has a dry dishwasher detergent, and I don't know if they do (as I have always used Cascade in my washer) then yes you could use that to melt ice as it contains sodium. All dry powders contain sodium, in substantial amounts to aid in the cleaning, and drying for spot free dishes. I noticed that you, as well as other respondants do not live in areas where you are plagued with snow and ice very often. Well I do! I live in the heart of the midwest where we live with snow and ice daily. (right now it is nothing but snow and ice everywhere) We have been dealing with it all of our lives. I am amazed that you people are not even aware of what rock salt is! FYI it is merely large granules of salt (used in the making of ice cream) and on streets, sidewalks, hi-ways, steps and any other area where ice builds up. When salt is mixed with snow and ice it forms a solution with a lower freezing point than that of water, and that is why salt melts snow and ice and keeps it from freezing again. In this part of the country with temperatures falling below zero for days or weeks at a time we don't play around, we use what we know has worked for years, good old NaC1, AKA "SALT." And since we have constant freezing and refreezing, hence the cat litter or sand. They may be a little messy (frankly I've never had a problem, I knock the litter off before I come in) but they are of little hassle compared with a broken bone or a head injury from a fall. And if you seldom have to worry about ice or snow, just keep a couple of containers of Morton table salt on hand, it works just as well as the rock salt or de-icing salt, it just takes alot more of it, being smaller crystals. But it's all the same, it's all sodium. And any product containing a substantial amount of sodium will melt the ice. You just sprinkle it on and your done. But if you want a make a mess go ahead and use your soap and water, and good luck. That's a MESS I wouldn't want to mess with!!


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Use one TEAspoon of Dawn Blue Liquid dish-washing detergent AND one TABLEspoon of rubbing alcohol (70% is best) per one-half gallon of HOT water.  First remove whatever snow and ice that you can and then spill the mixture on it.  The alcohol helps to melt the ice faster.  We just had an ice storm here in Central Mass. last night.  My steps and walks are ice-free and non-slippery right now.  It works to melt the ice and keeps it from freezing up right away again.  Rock salt is always better, but this is good if you don't have any and can't get to it first.  The sun peeking through for a moment here or there is the "icing" on the cake!  LOL

Icy steps and roof ice dams are easily prevented all winter long with an ice melt sock.

Mix 1/2 gallon hot water 1 teaspoon blue Dawn (original) 1 tablespoon rubbing alcohol Spray onto steps or driveway

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