Ibanez Prestige guitars

What are advantages and disadvantages of Ibanez Prestige guitars?

Any online video review will be extremely helpful.

List Various Youtube, dailymotin, metacafe sources.

thank you

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Go to the Ibanez web page and you will get all the pros you can handle.  Then check out all the resale sites like e-bay, Craigs list, etc... and look for resale values, that will give you the cons.  But guitars are like people, no two are alike, even the same make and model.  I always thought I wanted a Les Paul, but I ended up buying a strat, because it fit me like a glove.

Things will come to those who wait, the good or bad depends on perspective only.

http://ww.ibanez.com/reviews/Review_IbanezRGT320Z.htmlp://www.ibanez.com/reviews/Review_IbanezRGT320Z.html But most important is the feel and the sound according to the player that will play the guitar. I mean that the player has to like the sound and the feel, especiially the neck feel. There are several prestige, of very different quality levels, but overall thay are well built guitars. If you are the one to play it, try it with clean and with distortion sound, try all 5 switches (pickup positions) and check if they all work, check the volume and the tone knobs that don't make any noise without effects.

i don't know if there are any advantages, but I've owned several different Ibanez guitars over the years and they've always been good quality guitars.

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