Hydroxycut or Whey?

While on a diet, which do you think is better, whey water or pills like Hydroxycut?

I want to gain mass but keep body fat percentage low.

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I took Hydroxcut for a little over a month and I stopped because I felt like my heart was always racing, and I became jittery. It was like taking a bottle of caffeine pills. This type of pill won't let you gain mass, it will only make you feel like you're on speed. So I don't recommend taking it.

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Sure, Hydroxycut is probably the #1 fatburner in terms of sales (nearly 1 million a year)... yet you gott'a keep one thing in mind: staged approach. Here's what I tend to recommend when someone's just getting up and intending to drop pounds: don't jump straight into fatburners... give it 2-3 weeks, exercise (especially intense cardio)... build up the intensity... see progress, then you're body will hit a wall... when you hit the plateu that's when you add fatburners to kick your body another notch.
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