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Why does my husbands yell and scream all the time?

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Mabey they can't stand each other because one is always competing with the others for your affections.. My question is, why do you think you need more than one husband?

Of course, if that was just a misspell then you'd have to first explain his demeanor to us before we could answer such a general question. For instance, is he a miser? A general nagger? Does he hate the world or do you give him cause to yell at you? You see? we need more input.

What was the question...?

Has he quieted down some so you can ask himUndecidedI could give you a ton of "maybe it's because" but when a husband hollers ALL the time, something isn't right. Have you tried talking to himUndecidedis there anyone who knows the 2 of you that can maybe step in and help-a family member, a friendUndecidedplease post again with a little bit more details.


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