Husband wins lottery and doesn't tell wife!

A husband (Arnim Ramdass) won the lottery and didn't tell his wife (Donna Campbell ). She demands half the prize. He was hiding $10.2 million.

Is she entitled to half of his winnings?

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Tnx 4 that story, I am sure we'll read a novel soon and a movie will follow..... It occours to me that it can be a question to determine how strong are the relations between a pair (an indicator): "If you won a big sum in the Lottery will you tell your wife / husband ? and will you share the sum with him ?".  I can guess that the relations between Donna and Arnim are far from being ideal (understatement.....  and are not based on trust / love / oppeness).
I know several people that money ruined there marriage.  And I know some people who are very happy without having too much money....  Money doesn't guarantee happiness..... And happiness is sure more important than money......
Personally I put values high above money.... and above a certain minimum money has not too much meaning to me.   I'll prefer (no doubt !) to have a poor friend with high values on a rich friend with no values.... (in fact he will never be my friend). 
Tnx again, nice story that should make us all think. 
Love is the battery of life....

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I think that concealment of  such a huge thing in a marriage is pretty horrible. I don't think couple should necessary tell each other every little thing, however this is no little thing.

To me it sounds like that marriage was long gone way before the money came into the story. I don't know why the guy chose not to share the money or even the knowledge of the money with his wife or why she chose to google his name, however it seem to me that there was no trust between the two of them. Personally, I think that giving all the money for a daughter from a previous marriage, if that really happened, is a serious inconsideration in his wife, 10$ is enough to share with a lot of love ones. Aside of a lose of money, I can't even imagine how hurt the wife is, knowing she wasn't one of the people her husband wanted to share his good fortune with. 

Winning the lottery is not an everyday affair, if my husband would start disconnecting the phones and acting all paranoid,  I would suspect madness before lottery.

It sounds to me a like a lot of that money will end up going to divorce lawyers... 

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I would not tell her either if i thought she was a money hungry bitch lol, i guess i can safly assume he had appropriate reasons, she obviously isnt the sorta person you tell that you have heaps of money lol<3 sorry ladies but its well known that part of a womans education when growing up is to find a well coined guy XD


so no shes not entitled to any of it because it was a independent winnings, it be like me winning a ps2 and having to give my other half the games because we split up...its just not logical because i won my ps2 fair and square? not that i won a ps2 lol

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