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Why does my husband throw my things away?

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Because he is a jerk. My husband throws my things away too. He will never admit doing this, but my personal items will just mysteriously come up missing. For example, I had a vintage Ratt Concert T-Shirt that I have had since I was 17 years old. I am now 40. Ratt is coming to town and I was so excited to attend the show sporting my 1987 concert t-shirt. Well, the shirt is no where to be found, and my husband hated this shirt. Although I can't prove it, I am sure he threw it away. He denies this, but what happened to it? I would have never thrown this shirt away. It had so much personal value to me, and this shirt is selling on ebay for $200! It is totally irreplaceable. I could just cry over this. I won't to divorce my husband because of this. I'm so angry.

I am not quite sure what type of items he is throwing away , old newspapers , magazines are you a pack rat ?  Or is this clothing as well as some of your and pride and joy possessions .  If so, This behavior is due to a lack of respect .  I would say if you think about it this lack of respect shows up in other areas of your relationship as well .  I also sense a lack of communication .  I'd start by having some good honest communication with him , talking to one another not talking at one another see if things improve .  You have to decide what you are willing to put up with and what your not willing to put up with and make this decision perfectly clear to your Husband .  Things that the man I love values , I value them as well .  One may not like them but should value them out of love and respect for their partner .  

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