My husband wants me to find a woman to have sex ...


My husband wants me to find a woman to have sex with. Where can I find someone? My friends are conservative and I cant ask them. Is there an online site where I can find a "girlfriend"or something? I stress that I am not lesbian though. What would be the best way to go about looking for a "girlfriend"?
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The more important questions are: Do you like that idea or you do it just because your husband wants it ?  Are you aware of the potential dangers and implications in having such relations ?  Are you aware that by asking it from you he shows disrespect ?  Would he agree to join another male if you asked for it ?  If it's not your free will better don't agree and don't accept it !.
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But if you are into it, one of the best ways would be to go to strip clubs with him.  A large percentage of strippers are lesbian or bi.  Have a couple of lap dances and get to know them.  That may be enough to satisfy your husband.  If not and you want to go further, you're on your own.

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I don't think the strip club is the way to go, a lap dance is not really having sex with another woman, plus, I'm not sure that going pro is the right thing for the two of you.


As Oron said, first of all you have to be 100% sure that this is something both you and your husbands wants, a lot of couple goes into the 3way thing without understanding that this might have a serious effect on their relationship. If you are going to go for it, make sure both of you feel comfortable in stopping it at any given moment because you aren't feeling well with what's going on.

Also, make sure that you are doing this because you want to and not  just to please him, being forced to a sexual act without wanting it is basically rape and the effect on the relationship can be especially devastating if you feel like you are being pushed into it by him.

here are a few websites were you can look for another woman to join in:




or you can just run a personal ad on Craigslist  

<a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="" class="comlink">homeworld</a> <a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="" class="comlink">flickr page</a> and <a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="" class="comlink">louchelab</a>

Try craigslist... specific to your area or the nearest big city...


Why you are encouraging  the idea of your man to have sex with other woman? very bad , especially after marriage.

well, i dont agree with the entire strip club idea. thats just asking for trouble. i agree with lilly. specificly it would definatly help u. GOOD LUCK=)

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I am bisexual and so is my boyfriend so i would say don't rush just take your time looking and when you find the right one you will feel comfortable with her.By the way always check to see if they have a sexual health certificate just to make sure they have no infections or stuff like that and make sure you have one too.we are also looking for a girlfriend check the chat sites and see what you find on there.Or try going out and do stuff you like doing you could even meet someone there at least you will know you have one thing in common.But don't let her come between you and your husband.Good luck 

Well Tina as other have said this MUST be something you are BOTH comfortable with. Don't let him force you in to doing something you don't feel ready for.

If you do decide to go ahead with it this should help you. Of course you have the the extra risks of STDs this should help you out.

Also make sure your husband changes condoms every time he changes partners.

Lilly has suggested a few good sites I'd also recommend and as these are all 100% free!

You shouldn't find it hard to find a women, there are lots of women who are open to this sort of thing.

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