Is my husband kinda bi sexual??

My husband always for some odd reason always wants to experience having sex through my anal part he said he wants to see how it feels. Im kinda worried he has already tried it somebody help this is scary is he bi or has he tried this before????Yell

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I can't really tell you what is going on in your husbands mind or where he has "been" before, but anal sex with male and female doesn't make someone bi.  It's a different sexual experience and can be extermely pleasurable for a man. Your "anal part" is much, much tighter than your "other part" and therefore can bring more pleasure...give it a shot! Just remember to lube!!!

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     You need to have an honest discussion about this kind of sex.  He is the only one who can tell you if he tried it with a man.  I could tell that you don't feel comfortable about anal sex.  He should not force you to do it.  You both have to agree on how to please each other sexually.

     Straight men also do anal sex, it does not mean to say he has done it with a  man.

     He should respect your wishes, if you don't like it , then he should not insist.  If he loves you enough, he will understand you and probably wait until you are ready for anal sex.

Take care.

Be honest and be true to yourself.

Hard to say if he's bi. A lot of guys would want to try this. Especially if they watch a lot of porn movies. If you suspect he has had other contact or not. If you say yes, make him wear a condom. Guys like recieving anal sex cause it stimulates the "prostate" organ below the male scrotem. Most guys recieving anal sex will usually orgasm due to the penis stimulating the prostate organ in a male. Unfortunately, ladies don't have a prostate organ. It is likely to feel somewhat un- pleasurible. Still, some ladies enjoy it due to it's full filment. 

I don't think that your husband is bisexual. It is natural for men and women to want to expermiment sexually.  Anal sex is very popular among younger couples and it is no longer even considered a fetish in the porn industry.  I think most likely your husband just wants to spice things up and see how anal sex will feel for both of you.  If your husband turns to other ideas like you performing anal on him with a strap-on then maybe that would sound an alarm.  This is just his normal male instinct to what to experiment with sex and you may find it to be something you enjoy as well. 

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OMG, just because your husband wants to try your anus, that doesn't mean he's bi. There are a lot of straight guys that like it anally because it's a lot tighter than the vagina

I'm wondering the same thing

is my husband bisexual

maybe he just watch it on dvd or on the internet so he like it and want to try

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