Discuss InnerGold's answer to: My husband has a gambling addiction. How can I best help him and what should my reactions be when he comes in after gambling?

How can I best help my husband who is a gambling addict? How should I act/ react when I am sure he has been gambling? Am i in anyway liable for his credit card debts?

The key is his willingness to get help. Gambling becomes addictive and if he has committed to stop and continues, that means he is addicted. If he is in denial or refuses to stop, that is another issue. There are various support groups for gambling addiction you can Google to find. If he is willing and working through things, the best response is supporting his counseling and loving him through the healing process of addiction. 

Regarding financial matters and obligations, we do not offer legal or financial advise in any way and would encourage you contact a financial adviser for those questions. 

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