Me and my husband where not getting along we ...

Me and my husband where not getting along we seperated he cried a lot when i left him and now he has a new girlfriend but i want to go back with him. I want our family back together. It seems like he wants both of us.He tells me he want to fix things but he doesn't want to leave the other girl.He claims that he is not sure that i will stay he is scared that i am going to leave him again and he can't loose were he lives. I leave him alone and tell him that if one day he decided to leave her then to call me. But he keeps calling me calling me babe and he takes me to family parties and infront of his family its like we are still together but the truth is that we are not and he is with someone else.What do i do for him to leave her and come back to me..?At first when i found out that he had an girl friend i would act so jealous and talk bad about her tell him got with her and he would tell me fine i will leave me alone dont bother me no more. Then the next day he was calling me telling me that he can't leave me alone that he loves me all i would tell him i am simply doing what you want me to do leave you alone. He doesnt want to be with me but he doesnt want to stop having contact with me. All his time he spends it with me he never even sees her they only talk on the phone. I dont know what to do

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Sounds like he's got all and everything he wants. 2 girls. Your guy is a player and if you keep listening to him you are the enabler.  I wouldn't want seconds. Why should you? Don't call him let him lie in his filth like a dog on the street and then he may come back to you.  But if it's okay to share him them it will be okay for him to "eat" a 2 houses if you know what I mean? And like dogs they will go to the house that is offering up the best meat for the night. If he throws a guilt trip your way and you fall for it the dog will be in your yard if your cookings good. But the minute it isn't the dog will stray. And might I add he is a dog.  Or if you want me to refer to him as a person then he's a PLAYER and you are a fine tuned guitar!

My friend Brooke gave you an excellent answer, thumb up (I wish I could give 100 thumbs up).  Read it several times and follow / apply that smart advise.  
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Love is the battery of life....

We tend to want the things we don't have. Remember that it was not working when you had him all to your self. Move on. Even if you did get him back you would have new resentment as well as your old problems together.

He wants the best of both worlds. If he REALLY LOVED you, there wouldn't be one second of hesitation of him dumping his new girlfriend to have you back. I say you were right to leave him the 1st time. It sure didn't take him long to cry over you in some other broads chest!!! Please learn from my mistakes. I took this guys crap because I loved him. I look back (Because I finally dumped his ass) & I think of ALL of the wasted years I gave him when I could have been with someone who deserves me. I know when you love someone, it's hard. Believe me, if he's not choosing you in a heartbeat, say to him bye, bye & feel happy for the new girlfriend because now she has to deal with his shit. Does she know that he wants you back? He's a player, dump him sweetie, it won't be easy but it's for the best & the best is you. Good Luck.

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