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My wife has left me and our 3 kids for another man ...

My wife has left me and our 3 kids for another man after 21 years we want her back its a long distent relationship she go out to see him a from time to time so its like having a honeymoon she lives with her mother most of the timemy problem is he is getting the best of both worlds no family pressures or bills just have a good time and i would like to get under his skin so how can I hurt my wife's lover with out touching him

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Biil, I know you are upset but what is yhis going to do? You are now in charge of 3 kids on your own. I know you are mad but can you find someone to talk to. A thearapist, pastor, close friend....Buy a punching bag and work out this anger...go to the gym....something,some way...so what if the guy has the best of both worlds! You blame him! forget about him....If you are mad be mad at your wife! She broke her vows...she left her children...she left YOU....find someone to talk to and worry about your kids...yourself and your kids are what you need to take care of....NOT some tramp and her lover..sorry to be so blunt,but its time to be a man and take care of your children....if she will go,go to counselling, if not keep your prioritie straight. Sorry. Matt

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Taking your frustrations out on this guy is not the best thing to do. You should have a look at yourself and find out why your wife would leave you and your 3 kids. How is hurting the guy going to make things better? She will only be drawn further away from you if you do this.

Talk it over with your wife and if you still love her try to find a fix for your marriage.

Every problem has a solution...

Bill, I know first hand that after being married for so long and sharing so much of your life with someone, your heart has made plans that may no longer take shape.  It has taken me a long time and LOTS of therapy to realize that I got the best part of the deal. They are both cheaters and will be looking over their shoulders waiting for the other to cheat on them.  That will hurt the guy and she will do it.  You won't have to do anything but set a good example for your kids. Something that made me stronger was learning that my daughter would be watching me to learn self respect. Clinging to someone who treats you badly by cheating on you is not the lesson you want your kids to learn. I want better for my child but she will only know that is possible if she is shown. Same goes for your kids. No one believes in marriage more than I and I spent much alone time with a military husband, but never even thought of cheating. But the intent is not that it be a one way street where you do all of the giving. Please get the help others have suggested and talk to your kids. You would be surprised how this is affecting them...even if they cannot verbalize it. Take care of you and your family and God Bless. P

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