Humorous free wedding toasts and funny speeches?

Looking for some funny and free wedding toasts and speeches.

Do you know of a wedding speeches website that has some great ideas for humorous free wedding toasts?

Really appreciate and help you can give...

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I remember when I was looking for some humorous free wedding toasts online, most of the free speeches I found were rehashed versions done many times before. The one liners and dedications were stale and I struggled to find any inspiration.

Luckily I eventually stumbled upon  Dan Steven's wedding toasts and speeches . There was a fee, perhaps 20$ at the time , which I gladly paid because...

It was really easy finding a speech that suited my style, circumstances and the guests I would be speaking to. I copied and pasted from the speech, added some (not too) painful / funny personal stories of the bridal party and friends , added some jokes that I already had in reserve (there are many jokes already included - a whole book). The whole preparations went super quick (having a good structure to work from), had my best man wedding toast down in about 45 minutes.

The pressure was immediately off, I could concentrate on doing other things. I couldn't have been happier with the speech, the audience loved it, and most importantly, I left a good impression as the speech kind of rounded off my best man duties - job well done, even if I have to say so myself.

I know you were hoping for free wedding toasts, but hopefully I've helped in some way.

Good luck with the toast.


































































































Yea, Mick has given some good advice amigos, I also tried the free wedding toasts searches at first - but later (after several days of panic - ay carumba!) I used the  same wedding speeches site that Mick did, and am very glad I did.


Scott, your sombrero is muy bueno, but I think the sun has still got to your head...

but seriously, I was just searching for info on free wedding toasts, don't know if I'll go the funny / humorous way - not my style - but good link nonetheless.
























































































Try these for some humorous free wedding toasts, really funny...

"The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret."

"Marriage is like a phone call in the night: first the ring and then you wake up."

Hopefully the guests will enjoy it too...

Don't make stupid or tacky jokes. Be nice. Don't mention any wild times you had with the groom and the cheer leading team or any other women.
Don't try to be funny, just say what comes naturally, be nice, and you should be fine.

Oh and don't do that stupid old joke about all the girls who had keys to his apartment that need to please return the keys (and then half the women at the reception jump up and hand in keys)

First I'm not about to "gladly pay" for anything (certainly not "perhaps $20") that can be located online for free, but that's just me... I love free.

OK, I'll take this ominous search challenge all...

1. Go to google:

2. Type in: "Humorous wedding toasts and funny speeches".

3. Click the "Google Search" button.

4. Click on the top link there in Google.

5. It will take you to:


If you don't like that site go back to step 3 and check out any of the over 1 million other links available... 99.9% which are likely, uh-hem - free.

Serious, I'm not pulling your leg... using a search engine to locate free information really works, Gads I sure love this free technology stuff!




My Favorite Free Stuff Sites:,,,,,, and

Some humorous free wedding toasts:

1) “The best way to remember your wife's birthday is to forget it once.”

2)“I came from a big family. As a matter of fact, I never got to sleep alone until I was married.”

ADD: After struggling for quite a long time with findining the info I was looking for, I have finally taken Mick's advice and decided to pay for it. I will never regret it, I got all the info I needed in basically no time. Fantastic!

Thanks Mick!!





For good humorous free wedding toasts , start by introducing yourself and who you are to the bride. If she has a good sense of humor, you can tell a funny story about you two, or her and the groom (as long as it's in good taste and isn't too embarrassing). 

I find it kind of annoying when Maids of Honor and Best Men don't even mention the new spouse or that they are happy for their new marriage. Ask everyone to please raise your glass in honor of this wonderful new couple and 'clink'. That's it! Don't make it too long, sappy, or uncomfortable/embarrassing. Good luck!

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