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Can a human unknowingly cause electronics to malfunction.

Why do I short circuit electronics? In the past two years I have crashed two printers (one was a year old the other 2 months), three lap tops (all within a year of the purchase, the last one with in 8 months of it's purchase), one monitor (two years old), one back up hard drive (not even a month old). I think this is too much bad electronic luck for coincidence. Can a person's stress level affect other items in their lives. I work on the computer, so I am with my electronics at least 8 hours a day.

I am adding more information since this has been mentioned as a possible electrical malfunction. Not all the electronics are in the same place. Some are in my home office, some are in my work office and some are in a warehouse. The electronics are not together in one location. If they were I could see that it could be an electrical problem, but it seems unlikely that I would have electrical problems everywhere. Also: My partner has his computer equipment and printers in the same places. He has a different office in our house and he has a separate office in the warehouse. None of his electronics are having the difficulties that mine seem to have. Any more ideas out there?

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I have heard of this before. Some people give off more electricity than others, but it is very rare what you are talking about. Let’s consider another scenario. If all or most of these electronics are being used in one location such as your home or at your place of employment, it could be as simple as an electrical problem.

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My dentist does not wear a watch because they always stop.

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My sister says the same thing, and that it's not limited to watches, but other electronics. I don't believe it, but there you go.

To study it more, a related topic is SLI -- because street lights have a thing they do where they shut off sometimes then after cooling down come back on again, many people because they are there when it happens, begin to think they cause it. It started the phrase "street light interference" or SLI. They call themselves "SLIders".

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"James" is absolutely correct.  You should check the voltage in your house.  if it is too high (above 123v) or too low (below 116v) you will burn out any sensitive electronics rather quickly.  As a former troubleshooter for a power company I have seen this many times.  Also "SLI" isnt the cause of the streetlights going out.  The light is cycling, usually indicating to those who maintain them that the light is failing and should be replaced/repaired.



     A frequent cause of "burnout" are voltage "spikes" (or surges), which can happen at many different locations, and are not limited only to your home, but which frequently occur on a power grid. Such a surge can burn out the device power supply (Is this what hapened to your devices?).

The common precaution, which solves the problem most of the time, is the SURGE ARRESTOR -- a small, inexpensive device which is connected between the electric outlet and the device power input. I recommend that you install these with any device that you want to protect, especially computers & TV's.

The problem is static electricity.  It is the effect you get when it is dry and you walk across carpet then touch something metal and you get shocked.  This is the same thing, only one a smaller scale, but with the density of the electronic circuitry today it takes verly little to short circuit them.  Some people, obvously, have a worse problem with it than others.  A female worker during her period is more dangerous to electronic circuitry than other times.

Before the problem was understood it was called out of box failure.  In other words an electronic unit that tested fine in the factory would fail when hooked up by the customer, or would fail within a few weeks.  Motorola did a study by having an employ walk around the factory all day carrying transistors loose in a box.  All the transistors were checked before they were put in the box and all checked good but at the end of the day the failure rate was over 50%.

A question I have is the grounding in all the sights you experience the problem.  Are all of them hard grounded (wired to a pole in the ground).  Do not depend on your power companies ground because it is poor and floating.  The third wire on the plug should go to a hard ground.  For your situation you need a grounding strap to wear on your wrist when ever you are working or operating electronic circuits.  They make elastic ones or nice looking metal expansion bracelets with a wire attached that you plug or clip onto a ground.

In the electronic repair world you are called the one that can cause a failure in a circuit brought by a customer and nobody can get it to fail.  So it would be given to you to cause the failure and them be able to fix the problem.  All employs of electronic manufacturers are required to wear a ground strap whenever they are at their workbench.  Failure to do so results in immediate termination.  From this you can see it is a serious problem.

But the problem is you.  Check what material of clothes you like to wear, if it is silk material or some of the polyester material that can be a cause for you.  Are your shoes rubber or leather soled?  Is your shirt and pants made from different types of fabric?  It sounds silly, but it is real.  Hopefully I have been helpful.

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Yes, you yourself can be doing these things to your stuff. I had a cousin who had to have a leather band made to go around his wrist, and then the watch hooked on to the top of the band. It has something to do with the electrons in our body. My daughter attractes lightning she has to go to a room with no windows, its wierd. You might try putting on a pair of latax gloves, those will fit tight so you will be able to type, also if you are near any type of college see if you can speak to the science or chemistry professor you might get some really helpful info there. Hope this helps a little.So far Phil has been your best answer just he should tell you where to buy the strap.


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