Why does Huffpost have more than 600 pending ...

Why does Huffpost have more than 600 pending comments at this very second? It must be hard work deleting all those opinions the moderators do not agree with!

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Three is more right wing hate on AOL than anything else. The Rocmike aliases, AP-Ladydarko posts it non stop. So what are you talking about?

The Rocmike-AP-Ladydarko aliases alone spend a minimum of 20 hours a day spreading insane racist right wing hate. It uses the aliases Bill, Leagle, Stressed, Suffolk, Mystic, Tweak, Unphilosopher and many many more. I am also betting that Trollbane 2 is one of them and probably Deep throat.

Trollsbane2 is my shit starting partner who is also known as jkgrandma.  She is also known as AKA Fighter.  I am Markie Fuckie aka Marcus Aurelius.  I am also Jada.  I use my Marcus Aurelius account to start shit with my two moronic friends, jkgrandma and Ranger aka AShoofly.  I don't start shit under my real name of Jada as I want to be the Dolly of AOL Answers and I have a deep need for everyone to like me.  So, we are the Shit Starters, jkgrandma, me, Jada, and Ranger Aka Ashoofly.  We also go by the names of anti-troll and bbavel445.  We have a total of 7 shit starter account names, but there is really only 3 of us.  Jada, jkgrandma and Ranger/Ashoofly.

I see...truth = hate....lmao....

So Ryan gets a bill passed because he can eat the foot in his mouth when starving poor people?

What I didn't answer the question? I couldn't post on Huff the site is messed up so I posted an answer here because it wouldn't post there! Now as I was saying oh never mind!

Hey psst we was crackers long before Ritz even had a business!

Leftist atheist Jerome/Tadpole/Thomas Johnson/steve fools nobody here.

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