Who will be the next Huffington Post Victim?

The HuffPo acquisition started a chain reaction where AOL is shutting down property after property, losing its own AOL branding to HuffPost branding.

So, who will be the next Huffington Post Victim?

Who will be the next Huffington Post Victim?

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A.Aol it's ME;

I have been raving for years at Ms. HuffAton who STOLE my life's work and is N.O.W. about to RAPE the A.ol of U.S. all.

We will have to rise above our fears to FACE this NAZI head ON. Those who will make a Difference must stand Naked before the BEAST NOT hiding behind anonymity.

Jou heard me Witch, It is me jou have been consistently robbing of my Free Speech. PRIMAL DREAM SEIZE the MIRROR is about to  R-EVE-AL the message from J.A.S.O.N. that will turn jou NAZI world upside down and shake jou out of jou mind.

WATCH A.Aol what a Freeman does to Obammy and his Mammy. N.O.W. jou will delete.

For those who have wondered Could there be another way, PRIMAL DREAM SEIZE the MIRROR it just could be the other way. Peace L.C. Walkin aka A. Eversole

A.A.ol, that fourth step is a killer.

For those who have wondered Could there be another way, PRIMAL DREAM SEIZE the MIRROR it just could be the other way. Peace L.C. Walkin aka A. Eversole

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