Huffington Post, are you waiting for a government bailout?

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Other people asked questions on various topics, and are still waiting for answer. Would be great if you can take a sec and answer them

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Are you surprised that AOL bought Huffington Post?

I am not surprised . I answered another question today on this topic and will say again .... 25 million monthly visitors to the Huffington Post, putting Arianna Huffington on the AOL management team and all the advertising dollars that come with such a deal . Smart business decision by Armstrong ...

Who will be the next Huffington Post Victim?

A.A.ol, that fourth step is a killer.

What does it mean to be banned from the huffington ...

Huffington Post is for the radical left. They do not appreciate other opinions or points of view. My advice to you is go to another site if you want to participate with reasonable people. Yahoo also has a leftist socialist slant but they will allow you to post your opinion. Also Huffington Post ...

Huffington post

Is this really important? If you want to read their propaganda, then I see no reason not to sign up on FB so that you can have your personal information hacked and sold to all the bidders, whether they are high or not.