Let tech support/feedback know this happens. It's part AOL's mistake. I recommend you set your browser settings to compress graphics, clear your browser cache in System Information under Utilities. The Huffington page overloads my PC too. I think it's all the extra photos and links. Also, make sure you have Explorer 8 or Mozilla.

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The same thing happens to both of our computers. I am getting tired of it. Why can't AOL do something about it? It also happens with Utube on occasion.

HTF Video

Go to my computer and each drive letter. Properties.. make sure you have at least 10 gb. empty space. delete temp files and recycle bin. Delete your AOL browser cache in AOL system information. Huffington will work but it's slow. Make sure your email settings have compressed your email files.

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also, update the version of aol software to 9.0 or higher.





I want/need a simple answer AOL to my question!!! I want to be able to read the news!!!!  If Huff Post is the problem - get rid of it!  I am soooo frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


I agree with tjbsmom! If Huffington Post is the problem - get rid of it!! I am so sick of my computer freezing up over and over again! Get rid of Huff Post!!


I will no longer read AOL news because of this issue!


Does anyone know if AOL is addressing this prob?

Pat Niles

I'm glad to see I am not the only one having this problem. Can't open Huff post, CPU freezes up and I have to start task manager and shut it down. Looks like some interesting things, but I never get a chance to read them. One would think a company as big as AOL could fix this issue. I have no problems opening movies and other videos, just huff. Doesn't appear that anything has been done to fix it!

Anne Nonymouse

Today I followed a link from another site and ended up on a Huffington Post article that took forever to load, so I closed the browser via the X in the upper right corner. But, to my great annoyance, after the browser closed it opened again automatically, and tried again to load the Huffington Post page. I closed the browser again, but it automatically opened again. It took 3 or 4 attempts to stop this from continuing. In the future, I will avoid Huffington Post pages like I try to avoid malicious sites.


That happens to me too. Its really frustrating because they put all these interesting links about stories that get me curious and then I click it and it freezes AOL, I get bumped offline, and then you cant even click out of it. You are stuck waiting several minutes for it to do its thing and try to load over and over tilll finally it lets me click out of aol and sign on again. (without having read the article) I am starting to hate huffpost.

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