Does HTR MAX WORK to clean your hair from smoking ...

Does HTR MAX WORK to clean your hair from smoking pot?? ive only done it once which was back in April. Hair follicle tested a couple days ago and used the HTR MAX shampoo before the test. any feedback?

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As you know, hair follicle testing usually goes back 90 days. It is very accurate at detecting drug use during that time but only in regular users. If you only smoked once, you have a pretty good chance of passing. I personally don't think any of those shampoos work. But you'll probably be clean due to only having smoked 1 time.

Yes max htr works i use it along with apple cyder vineger the day before the test i put the vineger under my arm i have a low head cut in they will go underarm are wear lot of hair is.1st. Let it stay there 20min. Wash it out what the 2nd. New dove for men soap . 3rd use the max htr 2 times that nigth . In the morning before the test i did it again to make show. I passed the test a week later got the job

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