HAd an Hsg done last month and I found out both of ...

HAd an Hsg done last month and I found out both of my tubes were blocked..My obgyn said there was nothing that he could do and gave me the number to the fertility specialist. Calling them was an complete upset. 250 to talk to them about something I already know!!!!!!!!!So I did some research online and found a doctor that performs Lp surgery! Even accepts my insurance. Not sure were the blockage is, but he says it all depends on where its at to tell me how successful I've would be at conceiving. I am really scared. Me and my hd been ttc for 2 yrs. I so anxious. I been up all night researching...Uh!!!!!!!Please tell me why would he also say once the surgery is finish he can send me to a fertility specialist if needed. His name is Dr.Ghomi, he located in Buffalo, NY. Thank you, please leave details about the surgery, conception afterwards, with or without meds. Thanks all!! Baby Dust

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