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How do i use hpusbfw.Exe

HOW DO I USE HPUSBFW.EXE and why do I get "Permission Denied" must have administrator rights in Win7

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Step 1: Extracting

-         Extract PEBuilder (pebuilder3110a.zip) into a location and folder of your choice.

-         Next is to extract pe2usb (pe2usb101.zip). The 3 extracted files have to be placed in the folder you have used/created to extract PEBuilder to.

-         Install HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool (SP27213.exe) to a location of your choice.

-         now we are going to extract our Service pack 1 for Windows 2003 server. You only need 2 files. To do so, you do the following:

Open a Dos window. To do so click on “Start” – “Run” – and type the following:
CMD and click on OK.

In the dos window you have to go to the location where you have your service pack previously saved after the download.

Here in this example one would go to c:\temp and give in the name of the service pack followed by a “-X” (without the quotation marks). Now the service pack will be extracted...you decide the location

After the extraction you can close this dos window...
Next is to search for the 2 files needed in the extraction folder...”setupldr.bin” and “ramdisk.sy_” Both are in the i386 folder and need to be copied to the PEBuilder folder as well.

This ramdisk.sy_  file still has be worked with.Therefore we will open up again a dos window.
In this example we give in the following:

This is the result you should get

We now will create a new folder in the PEBuilder folder. This new folder will be given the following name: srsp1
and you have to copy the files ”setupldr.bin” and “ramdisk.sys” from the PEBuilder folder into that newly created folder.
Step 2: Starting Pebuilder
For adding Plugins, I would like to point you to the following websites: Bart PEBuilder The 911.net CD Forum and my own site  .

Once the .iso file has been created, you can close PEBuilder...
Step 3: The USB-key
Fisrt step here is to format the USB key. REMINDER!!!! all data will be deleted on the USB-key...
To format the USB-key, we will use HPUSBFW.exe (HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool), which we downloaded installed in the beginning of this document...
Best thing to do, is to leave the file system on the USB-key to FAT...

After the format we are going to do the transfer to the USB-key..
We are now going to use pe2usb. To do so open a dos window.
We now go through the dos window to the PEBuilder folder and type in the following command:pe2usb X: (where X is the drive letter of your USB-key. In this example it would be G: ) and hit Enter

The size of the iso files depends on the number and size of plugins you have added or activated...

If you take a look on the USB-key you should at least have the following files:
an .iso file  –  NTDETECT.COM  –  ntldr  and  winnt.sif


It works great with Virtual PC. Just create a virtual machine,start it,
then go to menu?File?Pause,
then go to menu?CD?Capture_iso_image,
then navigate to the extracted rar folder you downloaded and select BartPe.iso,
then go back to menu?File?resume to unpause the virtual machine.



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