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Asked: Julie, I think you were at ... Julie, I think you were at our house for the open house and I had a few questions. If we paint the bathrooms that are wallpapered, do you and Mark think ...
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I told a girl I like her should I ask her out? I ...

I told a girl I like her should I ask her out? I told her how I feel about her (basically told her I like her) she responded by saying how nice it was of me and how sweer it was ...
  Posted 48 minutes ago .


Can Dramamine Cause Weight Loss?

Can it possible that if one have Dramamine then he can loss weight or not?
  Posted 2 months ago .


Is Greatbore a credible source of information?? It's highly unlikely.

Before you are confused any further by Greatbores bombardment of anti-Israeli, anti-semitic propaganda, please consider this. A "civilian" resident of the Gaza Strip is not ...
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I hooked up with Trampo last night, you wouldn't believe how many dildos he has!

I'm on all fours waiting for Decidermyassll to abuse me with a huge dildo.
  Posted 1 day ago .